GMB Name Change Bot


  • Mass Auto Change GMB Names via GMB dashboard
  • Support Custom Name Change Process
  • Option to Add City Location to GMB Name
  • Option to Add Secondary GMB Category
  • Option to Switch Secondary Category to Primary Category
  • Support Proxy

GMB Mass Pin Drop Bot

- $495 One-Time Fee + $35/Monthly
- Upgrades and Maintenance
- Google will change and so will we


No, the software has a setting that allows you to toggle the browser so that its visible or not visible. In the video demonstration, I show the browser in visible mode so that you can see the actions being performed.

But it's also possible to minimize the software to the system tray, and you won't even notice that its running and working away while you do other things.

This will run on any Windows machine and requires .net 4.0 full version (free). If you would like to run this on a Mac then you will require Parallels or something equivalent.

Although you are authorized to install the ZennoBox on multiple computers, the program can only be executed on one computer at a time per license.

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